Kompetenz Muskoskelettalediagnostik

Musculoskeletal Diagnostics

Our imaging centers offer a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal imaging services. We provide state-of-the-art imaging for all muscular soft-tissue and bone conditions by our dedicated team of imaging and patient-care specialists. Our team of highly qualified musculoskeletal radiologists is dedicated to personalized service and high-quality imaging and interpretation.

In order to always offer the best possible diagnostic service, our doctors regularly educate themselves in the field of muculoskeletal imaging. We maintain close interdisciplinary contact with our orthopaedic and trauma-surgical colleagues.

Our team of experts radiologists (Prof. Dr. Fenchel, Dr. Kämpf, Prof. Dr. Ketelsen, Dr. Rathjen, Dr. Trübenbach) allow us to provide the highest level of diagnostic services on a daily basis to our patients and referring physicians in both, the inpatient and outpatient environment.