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We try to meet your needs with prompt appointments, short waiting times and extended opening hours (e.g. saturdays). With our numerous locations in Berlin and Brandenburg we are closely located to you. Select the location that is best accessible for you. No information is lost through our seamless internal networking.

Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Charlottenburg am Paulinenkrankenhaus

Berlin · Charlottenburg

Diagnostic imaging center: Charlottenburg at the Paulinen Hospital
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Mitte am Jüdischen Krankenhaus

Berlin · Mitte

Interventional and diagnostic imaging center: Mitte at the Jewish Hospital
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Neukölln

Berlin · Neukölln

Diagnostic imaging center: Neukölln
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Tegel in der Medical Park Klinik

Berlin · Tegel

Diagnostic imaging center: Tegel in the Medical Park Clinic
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Tempelhof am St. Joseph Krankenhaus

Berlin · Tempelhof

Interventional and diagnostic imaging center: Tempelhof at St. Joseph Hospital
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Tiergarten am Franziskus Krankenhaus

Berlin · Tiergarten

Interventional and diagnostic imaging center: Tiergarten at Franziskus Hospital
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Treptow-Köpenick im Zentrum Schöneweide

Berlin · Treptow-Köpenick

Diagnostic imaging center: Treptow-Köpenick in the Zentrum Schöneweide
Radiologisches Versorgungszentrum: Zehlendorf in der Zehlendorfer Welle

Berlin · Zehlendorf

Diagnostic imaging center: Zehlendorf in the Zehlendorfer Welle
Zweigpraxis Nauen an der Havelland Klinik

Havelland · Nauen

Interventional and diagnostic imaging center: Zweigpraxis Nauen at the Havelland Hospital
Privatarztpraxis Rathenow an der Havelland Klinik

Havelland · Rathenow

Private practice at the Havelland Hospital

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