Quality management

By means of our quality management we try to continuously improve our internal processes. In recent years, we have been able to continuously reduce waiting times, improve accessibility and increase the quality of our work through optimization of procedures and work-flow.

Prof. Dr. Dominik Ketelsen holds a Masters degree in Health Business Administration (MHBA) in addition to his radiological training; he assumes the function of physician responsible for quality in our Radiological Care Centers.

Naturally, we are continuously supported by an external medical physics expert (MPE) who advises us in all areas of radiation protection. The aim is to reduce your radiation exposure to a minimum.

Your health records are sensitive. It is therefore our greatest concern to protect them as best as possible. Our external data protection officer from DataGuard and our IT team support us in this process.

In order to relieve our medical and non-medical staff of a multitude of bureaucratic tasks, we have a professional practice management system in place so that our staff can devote themselves fully to their medical work. After all, the focus should be on patient care and not on bureaucracy.

Our managing director Prof. Dr. Dominik Ketelsen is supported in his work by our commercial manager Mrs. Carolin Länger and a large number of employees in the administration. The tasks of practice management include controlling, financial accounting as well as material and personnel management.

Should you still be dissatisfied with something, please contact us via our contact form.

We appreciate your recognition and take your criticism seriously.