Kompetenz Neuroradiologie


Precise imaging of the head and spine. One focus of our team is the examination of the brain and the spinal column with the help of state-of-the-art imaging techniques (magnetic resonance tomography, computer tomography). MRI is particularly suitable for imaging the structures of your brain and spine in detail and detecting even the smallest changes.

Comprehensive expertise is provided for the imaging and diagnosis of the brain, spine, and neck, which utilizes multiple high field MRI scanners. Multidetector CT is also employed in imaging when necessary. Advanced CT scanner technology provides the lowest radiation dose with the highest diagnostic accuracy.

Diagnostic exams using both CT and MRI include imaging studies of the brain, spine, and neck with specialized exams for the orbits, inner ear, pituitary gland, sinuses, and skull base. Non-invasive neurovascular imaging is conducted safely with both CT and MR angiography, both of which provide impeccable resolution. 

The array of imaging technology and subspecialty training enables the neuroradiology division to provide valuable input during collaborative daily conferences with neurologists at the Jewish Hospital Berlin. The neuroradiology division also engages in research related to multiple sclerosis and vascular disease.

For complex cases, our neuroradiological experts Prof. Dr. Fenchel, Dr. Jochen Trübenbach and other members of our staff will be happy to assist you.