United and strong. For our patients.

Clinic Cooperations.

During your hospital stay in Berlin and Brandenburg, we offer radiologic expertise around the clock, 365 days a year, together with our partner centers and hospitals.

Industry Cooperations.

Together with innovative industrial companies, we would like to make diagnostics better for you.

Industry Cooperations

Cinify - Data on point


Founded in early 2023, cinify is a cloud-based data warehouse, business intelligence and workflow automation platform.

An extensive interface portfolio enables:

  • the fast and uncomplicated integration of subsystems (e.g. RIS, telephone, DATEV, HR, etc.)
  • the modeling of standardized and relational data layers with just a few clicks and "no code" functions (without programming knowledge)
  • automation of manual work steps, as well as the intuitive creation of dashboards and reports using a Drag & Drop Designer

With cinify, every company is able to set up a data warehouse, automate workflows and establish a comprehensive, cross-system controlling environment.

HG Imaging

HQ Imaging

HQ Imaging helps radiology and research centers to obtain high-precision medical images, which are needed for diagnosis, therapeutic decision-making and fundamental research progress. Based on their in-depth expertise in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), HQ Imaging offers two main services: quality assurance and protocol optimization.

Quality assurance.

For scan quality assurance, HQ Imaging not only sells high-precision diffusion MRI phantoms, but also offers analysis of the acquired phantom data. HQ Imaging works cloud-based so it is easy to send images and receive a full quality report.  

Protocol optimization.

Whether you need a shorter scan time per patient or you would like to improve image quality, the HQ Imaging team can tune every MRI sequence to your needs. In addition, the assured image quality means less repeat scans (e.g artefact reduction) and faster radiological readings (e.g. better contrast to noise ratio, adaption of geometrical parameters).


mediaire GmbH

Mediaire GmbH was founded in 2018 in Berlin to revolutionize the daily life of radiologists.

Together with experienced radiologists, an innovative software for AI-based detailed brain volumetry reports in neuroradiology was developed, which can be locally installed and saved.

Both founders are physicians, have completed their PhD in magnetic resonance imaging and have alongside their scientific work, a broad experience in AI programming.

Mediaires primary mission is to improve diagnosis and patient outcome as well as to speed up radiologists’ workflow.

Clinic Cooperations

Franziskus Krankenhaus

Franziskus Hospital Berlin

Vascular diseases are a focal point of the Franciscan Hospital. In addition, the hospital offers a broad spectrum of urological, internal medicine and surgical expertise. The Franziskus Hospital is an academic teaching hospital of Charité.

In the interdisciplinary vascular center we cooperate closely with our colleagues in angiology and vascular surgery within the framework of a vascular center certified by all 3 specialist departments.


Havelland Klinik

Havelland Hospital Nauen and Rathenow

As the largest provider of medical and healthcare services in the Havelland district, the hospitals offer a broad spectrum of medical services (internal medicine, general and visceral surgery, traumatology, gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics, urology, anaesthesia, intensive care, pain therapy and psychiatry). The Havelland Hospitals are academic teaching hospitals of Charité.


Jüdischen Krankenhaus Berlin

Jewish Hospital Berlin

The Jewish Hospital focuses on vascular medicine. A large number of all types of vascular diseases are treated here (e.g. claudication disease in the case of blockages of the pelvic/leg arteries, diseases of the vessels supplying the brain, diseases of the coronary vessels, etc.). The Jewish Hospital also specialises in emergency medicine, general surgery, neurology and gastroenterology. The Jewish Hospital is an academic teaching hospital of Charité.

In the interdisciplinary vascular center we cooperate closely with our colleagues in angiology and vascular surgery within the framework of a vascular center certified by all 3 specialist departments.


Medical Park Klinik

Medical Park Humboldtsmühle Berlin

The Medical Park Hospital Humboldtsmühle in Tegel Berlin is a specialist hospital for neurology, cardiology and orthopaedics as well as a hospital for rehabilitation and partner clinic of Charité.



Paulinen Hospital Berlin

The focus of the Paulinenkrankenhaus is on the postoperative treatment of patients of the German Heart Center Berlin and Charité, the prevention and comprehensive treatment of heart diseases.


St. Joseph Krankenhaus

St. Joseph Krankenhaus

St. Joseph Hospital is the largest catholic hospital in Berlin. In addition to the focus on obstetrics, paediatrics and youth medicine, the hospital has the largest non-university nephrology department in Germany. The hospital also specialises in interdisciplinary tumor therapies, spinal and visceral surgery, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, geriatrics, geriatric traumatology and palliative medicine. The St. Joseph Hospital is an academic teaching hospital of Charité.