Regular prevention. For your health.

Continuous further development of modern imaging techniques (CT, MRI) in recent years has made it possible to detect numerous tumor and vascular diseases at an early stage. Therefore, many diseases can be diagnosed before the first symptoms appear.



Stroke is a common disease that can lead to severe physical limitations or death. MRI of the vessels supplying the brain (arteries) enables early detection of vascular narrowing (stenoses), which lead to circulatory disturbances in the brain and can trigger a stroke. If detected in time, suitable therapies can reduce your individual stroke risk.



Breast cancer is the most common tumor in women. Statistically, 1 in 8 women suffer from breast cancer in the course of their lives. With regular prevention, the cure rate in the latest studies is over 90%.



Prostate carcinoma is the third most common tumor in men. Smaller tumors are difficult to detect with normal palpatory examinations, which are recommended from the age of 50. Therefore, the so-called PSA value is additionally evaluated, which can also be increased in benign diseases. Random biopsies often miss small tumors.


Abdominal Aorta

An abdominal artery aneurysm (AAA) is a dangerous enlargement or outpouching of the abdominal aorta. If this enlargement reaches a certain size, the risk of bursting (rupture) is high. This may lead to life-threatening internal bleeding, which can often be fatal. If the aneurysm is detected in time, it can be treated by minimally invasive therapy or open surgery.